Sunday, May 01, 2005

Why Fidelity Podcast - Show #2

Why Fidelity Podcast - Show #2

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  • The Conet Project
  • Range Rider | Keith Mansfield
  • Jeans Blues | Meiko Kaji
  • Hilo March | Martin Denny
  • Maria Minguem | Brigitte Bardot
  • Shoo Shoo Baby | Bobbysocks!
  • Yellow Submarine | The Jalopy Five
  • Public Melody #1 | Cardinal
  • Moonflight | Vic Venus
  • We're an Accordian Band | Those Darn Accordians

Show Notes

* Vinylvulture has a terrific article about production music legend Keith Mansfield: K is Keith
Think of a UK TV sports programme, any UK TV sports programme, and the chances are it'll be a British television institution such as Grandstand or the BBC's coverage of the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championships that will instantly spring to mind. Both programmes and others such as the BBC's Athletics coverage are united by the fact their exuberant, driving signature tunes come from the brilliantly musical mind of Keith Mansfield - one of Britain's premier arrangers and composers of the past forty years.
* Meiko Kaji: meiko-kaji.comis a wonderful unofficial website dedicated to this multi-faceted performer.There you can find a generous selection of MP3s including Jeans Blues.
LADY SNOWBLOOD, BLIZZARD FROM THE NETHERWORLD is a film that splits up in different chapters bearing highly poetical names (
"Crying Bamboo, Dolls of the Netherworld", "Umbrella of Blood, Heart of Strewn Flowers", etc.), based on the systematic elimination of the gang members. Ring a bell? In fact, Tarantino can't deny (and in fact proudly acqnowledges) the influence of LADY SNOWBLOOD on the development of the storyline in KILL BILL VOL. 1.

* Martin Denny : Two great sites for Denny info: Space Age Pop and The Temple of Martin Denny

* Brigitte Bardot : Swingin' Chicks and a gallery of pix.

* The Jalopy Five: Thanks to 45Blog for this track...
I find "Yellow Submarine" one of Hit Records' finest moments, not just because they couldn't afford real sound effects or a real brass band, but because they gamely imitated these elements using nothing but their mouths.
45Blog also provided a t'riffic link for The Hit Records Project.

* Vic Venus : This bubblegum sample novelty tune was put together by WMCA DJ Jack Spector. WMCA Good Guys is a site dedicated to this classic NYC station and it hosts a bunch of neat audio files (Real Audio sadly) including this ...
Jack Spector on the "Reunion of the Rock and Roll Radio Greats" held on New York City's WCBS-FM on June 10, 1989. Jack sounded terrific talking about those great days at WMCA with stories and memories. He also played his "Vic Venus Moonflight" record which was a hit for him in 1969! An actual "Jake" aircheck from 1968 is included and fellow Good Guy Dean Anthony drops in for a visit. Jack mentions as many names as he can over the air.... a trademark of the Good Guys! (courtesy Michael Ackerman) (26 mins.)
* Those Darn Accordians : The Official Website features audio sample including the MP3 of We're an Accordian Band.
San Francisco's accordion-fueled rock 'n' roll band pumps out quirky, catchy originals chronicling life in the weird lane. The six-piece group -- fronted by lead singer/squeezebox wizard Paul Rogers and bellows-pumping babes Carri Abrahms, Susie Davis and Suzanne Garramone -- promises to forever rearrange your understanding of the accordion. TDA's four extreme squeezeboxers mix solid keyboard chops with a groundbreaking use of guitar effects pedals and amps to produce a super-cool sound like nothing you've ever heard emanating from an accordion.