Friday, December 30, 2005

Why Fidelity 24

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  1. Sgt.Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band - Bill Cosby
  2. i'm Gonna Love You - Tony and Kathy Rich
  3. What's Your Name - The Motions
  4. Here's to You - Ellen Kole/Arrow Shirt
  5. The Perfect Boy - Annette Funicello & Girls/ Les Baxter
  6. No Matter What Shape - The T-Bones
  7. The Campus Crowd - The Seventy Sound Group
  8. Portobello Market - Syd Dale
  9. Fraulein Fraulein - Andy Fisher
  10. My Girl From the South Seas Isles - Benny Nawahi
  11. Love Machine - Harper and Rowe
  12. Since Yesterday - Hinano Yoshikawa
  13. Laighin' All the Way to the Bank - Boss Hogg/Dukes of Hazzard

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Bonus Christmas Podcast

Originally recorded as a premium for a planned December pledge drive this bonus yulecast is instead being released as a limited edition gift to our listeners - but once Christmas is over the file will go away, so grab it now while you can!

Monday, December 19, 2005

Why Fidelity #23 - Christmas Special Part 4

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Playlist (48 min.)

  1. Deck The Hall - Douglas Leedy
  2. Les petites cloches de Noel - Shilvi
  3. Mr Snow - The Sandpipers With Mitch Miller and Orchestra
  4. Jingling Brass - Danny Davis and the Nashville Brass
  5. Jingle Bell Rock - Jerry Laning
  6. Silver Bells - Eddie Dunstedter
  7. Jingle Bells - Korla Pandit
  8. Impreuna (So This Is Christmas)
  9. Santa and the Doodle-Li-Boop - Sam Ulano
  10. Ringo Bells - Three Blonde Mice
  11. Sleigh Ride - New Christy Minstrels
  12. Carol Of The Bells - Nashville Mandoline Ensemble
  13. What Are You Doing New Year's Eve - Living Voices
  14. Weatherman's Wish
  15. Let's Have A Merry, Merry Christmas - Ross Bagdasarian
  16. Kids Go Carolling - Harry Hemsley
  17. A Greeting From Santa Claus
  18. Because! Because! Because! He's Santa Claus - Galli Sisters
  19. I've Got The Christmas Spirit In My Heart - Adrienne
  20. Jolly Holiday -A Very Pink Christmas

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Why Fidelity Christmas Special Part 3

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  1. Christmas Night with the Stars
  2. Sleighride - Randy Van Horne Singers
  3. Snow Flakes - Ventures
  4. If You Knock On Any Door On Christmas Day - Primo Scala and His Banjo and Accordion Band With the Keynotes
  5. Quand Il Neige - Serge Fontane
  6. Silent Night - Ebenezer Moog
  7. Captain Santa Claus(And His Reindeer Space Patroll) - Bobby Helms
  8. Hooray For Santa Claus - Al Hirt
  9. Zoomah the Santa Claus from Mars
  10. Christmas on the Moon - Troy Hess
  11. Sinterklaasje kom maar binnen - Vof De Kunst
  12. A Winter Wassail - Faith and the Muse
  13. Little Drummer Boy - Al Caiola and Riz Ortolani
  14. White christmas - Bright Eyes
  15. When Christmas Chimes Are Ringing - Lewis James
  16. Vive le Ven - La Chorale De L'accueil Bonnea
  17. Have Yourself a Merry Christmas - Kathy Kirby

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Why Fidelity Christmas Special Part 2

Why Fidelity Christmas Special Part 2

Download / Archives

  • Bright, Bright The Holly Berries - Singers Unltd.
  • Christmas Bride - Ray Conniff
  • Do You Hear What I Hear - Anita Bryant
  • Monster Christmas Mash
  • The Clown in the Funny Nightgown - Billy Barty
  • We Wish You A Merry Christmas - Creep Castle Chorus
  • The Toy Song - The Smothers Bros.
  • Just Like Christmas - Low
  • Christmas - Buzz of Delight
  • Santa's Mistake
  • Santa Claus Hides in Your Phonograph - Harry E. Humphrey
  • Hurray For Santa Claus - Milton DeLugg
  • Put the Loot in the Boot, Santa - Mae West
  • Tarnished Silver Bells - William Frawley
  • Vive Le Vent - Herman Apple
  • Deck the Halls - Creep Castle Chorus
  • Good King Wenceslas - F & T
  • Do You Hear What I Hear - Mike Sammes Singers
  • Monster Christmas Mash (reprise)

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Why Fidelity #20 - Christmas Special Part 1

Why Fidelity #20 - Christmas Special Part 1

Download Page & Archives

  • Sleigh Ride - Sandpipers With Mitch Miller and Orchestra
  • Caroling, Caroling - Singers Unlimited
  • Close your Mouth - Free Design
  • Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas - Joyce
  • Snowboardin' - The Pearlfishers
  • Een Tochtje Op De Slee - Mel Ashton
  • We Wish You A Ragtime Christmas - 6th Dimension
  • Santa's Song - Santa's Surprise
  • On A Good Old Time Sleigh Ride - Peerless Quartet
  • Santa And The Doodle-Li-Boop - Art Carney
  • I like Christmas (I Like It I Like It) - Barry Gordon
  • Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer - Arthur Lyman
  • Santa's On His Way - Bob Wills
  • North Pole Express
  • We Want to do Something for Santa - Little Audrey

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Why Fidelity Podcast | Show 19

Why Fidelity 19

Download here

  • Stella Control #1 - Frank Gartner
  • Le Ragazze Dell'Arcipelago - Piero Umiliani
  • Malaguena - Kazdin/Shephard
  • The Magnificent Seven - Benny Golson
  • Bossa Nova Supernova - Harmonic 33
  • Two Lovers On Tomorrow's Road - Peter Dizozza
  • Easy and Me - Kathryn Williams
  • Do It Yourself - Sprites
  • Saturday Be-In - The Lemon Drops
  • Beatnicks D'Occasion - Stella
  • 98 Pound Weekend - Martin Mull

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Why Fidelity Podcast | Show 18

Why Fidelity #18


  • An A-Flat Cricket & a B-Flat Frog - The Golddiggers
  • She Never Left the Table - Art Carney
  • Keep Your Eyes on the Hands - Poncie Ponce
  • (There's) Always Something There to Remind Me - The Baja Marimba Band
  • Drama Montage - Bruton Music Library
  • Make Love on the Wing version 2 (Emanuelle and the Last Cannibals) - Nico Fidenco
  • Sculterea Beat - Angelo Baroncini
  • Hanky Panky - Zig Zag People
  • Si tu Disais - Françoiz Breut
  • Hoopin' - Big Blue Marble

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Why Fidelity Podcast | Show 17 Halloween Part 3

Why Fidelity 17 - Halloween Special Part 3

Download & Archives

Here's the final ghastly installment in Why Fidelity's Trilogy of Terror. Join us as we call on the spirits of ...

  • Halloween Spooks - Lambert, Hendricks and Ross
  • Bela's Bash - Bobby "Boris" Pickett
  • Mysterious Mose - Ted Weems
  • The Shrimpenstein Song - Gene Moss
  • Song From Spider Baby - Lon Chaney Jr.
  • The Mummy - Bob McFadden
  • The Mummy's Bracelet - Lee Ross
  • Teenage Creature - Lord Luther
  • La Fete Fantastque - Pierre Arvey
  • Industrie Spatiale - Robert Hermel
  • Yodelling Ghost - Patsy Montana

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Why Fidelity Podcast | Show 16 Halloween Part 2

Why Fidelity #16 - Halloween Special Part 2

Download Page and Show Archives

  • House of Frightenstein - Vincent Price
  • Herman's Place - The Munsters
  • My Werewolf Mama - Lenny Bruce
  • Monster Mash - The Bonzo Dog Band
  • The Monster Hop - Bert Convy
  • I Married a Monster From Outer Space - John Cooper Clarke
  • I'm the Creature From Out of Space - Wild Man Jr.
  • Dr. Black and Mr. Hyde Trailer
  • Night of the Zombies
  • Musique Concrete - Camille Sauvage
  • Escape -Bernard Herrmann
  • Haunted Lullaby - Eric Allen & Frank Reidy
  • The Great Pumpkin - The Jack O Lanterns
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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Why Fidelity Podcast | Show 15 Halloween

Why Fidelity #15 - Halloween Special Part 1


Join Why Fidelity for the first part of our month long, three show tribute to Halloween and all things ghoulish and ghostly...


Footsteps (M2) - Akira Ifukube (Godzilla (Gojira) Soundtrack)
The Vienna Strangler Seq. 1 - Alessandro Alessandroni
To the Castle Dracula - Roy Budd
Figment's Park - Dawn of The Dead Unreleased Soundtrack Music
Black Magic Woman - Yat Kha
Thing - Edwina Biglet & The Miglets
At the House of Frankenstein - Big Bee Kornegay
The Purple People Eater - Judy Garland
Shudders and Screams - Ben Colder
Screams and Groans - Various

If you dig these gruesome tunes check out the ultra premium super select executive bonus Horror Podcast we're offering as a pledge drive premium.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

October Pledge Drive - Exclusive Bonus Podcasts

Help support Why Fidelity in the month of October and you'll not only be helping us keep the podcast alive but you'll also receive two special, exclusive, bonus, double length podcasts available only to listeners who help out with a $5 donation.

Hear more of your favorite Why Fidelity artists with extra long sets and virtually no annoying computer voices.

Bonus Podcast #1 has a decidedly French feel with Francois De Roubaix, Francis Lai, Brigette Bardot, Francoise Hardy, Sullivan and Claude Dejacques. Big Jim Sullivan covers the Beatles, Enoch Light does Bacharach plus music from Bernie Green, Tony Arzenta, Street, Billy Hamon, Rimona Francis, Art Carney and Anthony Newley. (Running time 52min.)

Our Exclusive October Halloween Bonus Podcast featuring ghoulish goodness from Zacherle, Carlos Casal, Coven, Allen & Reidy, Ivan, Jack & Jim, Jackie Morningstar, Hot Blood, Yuji Koseki, the Cherry Five and more. (You simply haven't lived until you've grooved to Hot Blood's Soul Dracula!) (Running Time 40 min.)

Simply make a $5 donation to Why Fidelity and, once your transaction is complete, you'll be brought to a page containing your Exclusive Bonus Podcast download links.

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Monday, September 26, 2005

Why Fidelity Podcast | Show 14

Why Fidelity # 14
Elastic Music for Flexible Ears

Download & Archive of previous shows.

  • Las Vegas Can Can - George Garvarentz
  • A Year at the Top - Paul Schaeffer & Greg Evigan
    (From the soundtrack of the short lived TV series of the same name - Shared by the brilliant Department of Records)
  • Party Shaker - Wolfgang Kaltenbach
  • Lap Dance Club - Lalo Schifren
  • Voleur - I Gris
  • Ulova - Young Stars
  • Tut Tut Tut Tut - Gillian Hills
  • Greenwich Chorus - Peter Howell
  • Tony Hancock - Richard Digance
  • I've Got Sixpence - Billy Cotton Band

Why Fidelity Podcast | Show 14

Why Fidelity # 14
Elastic Music for Flexible Ears

Download & Archive of previous shows.

  • Las Vegas Can Can - George Garvarentz
  • A Year at the Top - Paul Schaeffer & Greg Evigan
    (From the soundtrack of the short lived TV series of the same name - Shared by the brilliant Department of Records)
  • Party Shaker - Wolfgang Kaltenbach
  • Lap Dance Club - Lalo Schifren
  • Voleur - I Gris
  • Ulova - Young Stars
  • Tut Tut Tut Tut - Gillian Hills
  • Greenwich Chorus - Peter Howell
  • Tony Hancock - Richard Digance
  • I've Got Sixpence - Billy Cotton Band

Friday, September 16, 2005

Why Fidelity Podcast | Show 13

Why Fidelity 13 - Download
"Who put the pop in the Weasel?"

Great God Pan - God Pan
The Boy Catchers Theme - Steve Clayton
I'm Sorry Sir - Mike Rondell
The Spaniard That Blighted My Life - Al Jolson
Je me Donne qui me Plait - Brigitte Bardot
A Gay Ranchero - Charles Magnante (Shared at Goofspot)
The Cockeyed Mayor Of Kaunakakai -Poncie Ponce
Descente - Francis Lai Et Pierre Barouh
Chase that Car - Laurie Johnson
Flying Squad - Brian Bennett
Pop Goes the Weasel - Anthony Newley

Monday, August 29, 2005

Why Fidelity Podcast | Show 12

Why Fidelity Podcast | Show #12

Download page


2nd Movement of the Beer Barrel Polka - Chico Marx and the Night in Casablanca Band
Funeral Procession - David Bedford & Ursula Le Guin
Everybody's Talkin' - High Spirits (Holy Spirit Sch.) (A Pastor McPurvis Discovery)
The Reindeer Hunt - Riz Ortolani
Softly Whispering I Love You - English Congregation
Hatsukoi - Kojima Mayumi
Barbarian Games (Noisy Village) - Les Baxter (Found at Tiki-Tim's Exotica Lounge)
Thank You (Ti ringrazio) - Nives
Turn Down Day - Enoch Light
How About Us - Mickey Rooney & Girls

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Friday, August 19, 2005

Why Fidelity Podcast | Show 11

Why Fidelity Show 11

Download Page


Ski Baby Ski - Ava & the Avalanches (from the brilliant Clubbo Records)
Percolator - Boots Randolph
Shopping Centre - Manfred Minnich
Pegleg Flamingo - M.Ace (M.Ace: Steel-String Flat Top Sedition)
Ginchy - Saturn V (found at Goofspot)
The Sing-Sing - Stanley Wilson (from Pagan Love - found at Tiki-Tims)
Bad & Beautiful - Chaino
Entre Acte - Hamilton Streetcar
Proud Mary - Bill & Lisa
Batusi A Go Go - Nelson Riddle & The Original TV Cast
Where's Me Jumper? - Sultans of Ping FC

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Why Fidelity Podcast | Show 10

Why Fidelity Podcast | Show 10

Download & Archives

Our gala jumbo sized 10th episode feaures...

Fat Sam's Grand Slam ... Paul Williams
  • also available is a National Youth Theater recording - you can find a couple of free MP3's at Amazon - Bugsy Malone
Ahmedabab Theme ... Jack Arel & Jean-Claude Petit
Wild Honey (Honey West) ... Joseph Mullendore
The Invasion Of Helios ... Giant Crab
Animal Kwackers Theme / Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds ... Animal Kwackers
The Angry Villagers (Mama Dracula) ... Roy Budd
Boccherini's Minuet ... The Fantastic Pikes
Honolulu Lulu ... Godley and Creme
Eeirie Beach ... The Munsters
A Spasso Per Roma (Bocaccio '70) ... Nino Rota
  • Featured Albums:
  • Les Baxter - Moog Rock Greatest Classical Hits @ iTunes
  • Jack Nitzche - Three Piece Suite @ iTunes
  • Bill May/Bobby Darin/Johnny Mercer - Two of a Kind @ Amazon, @ iTunes
We Can't Sing Rhythm and Blues ... Patience & Prudence
Unknown Cookie ... Choir Academy Charter School

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Why Fidelity - Show #9

Why Fidelity #9

Download Page


Madder Than Mad - Unknown
Amen Twist - Bob Azzam
If - Telly Savalas
Zoi Zoi - France Gall
Mä Lähden Stadiin - Carola Ja Lasse Mårtenson
Son of My Father - Giorgio Moroder
If Caught in the Open - US Civil Defense
Fell Down the Stairs - Tilly and the Wall
A Little Fugue for You and Me - Enoch Light
Borodin Butterfly - Lanark (at Comfort Stand)
Album of the Week - Best of the New Seekers (at iTunes)
Dario, Can You Get Me Into Studio 54? - Dana and Gene

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Why Fidelity Podcast #8

Why Fidelity Podcast #8
Download / Archives
  • Theme From The Detectives : Herschel Burke Gilbert

  • Hawaiian War Chant : LeRoy Holmes and his Orchestra
  • Up Up and Away : Alan Lorber Orchestra
  • Dragster : Keith Mansfield
  • O Tren : Joao Gilberto

  • Go Go Go With Ringo : The Whippets
  • The Actor Approbrium : Of Monteal
  • Highschool Stalker : Hello Saferide

  • Albums of the Week:
The Kimberly Trip : Catasrtophic Behavior (@ Garage Band) (@ ITunes)
Pugh Rogefeldt : Guldkorn (@ ITunes)
Sammy Davis Jr. : The Nat King Cole Songbook

  • Wildhorse-Duet : Bauer / Schrader

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Online 60s Radio Station - Live365 Internet Radio - Mystifyingly Glad

Online 60s Radio Station - Live365 Internet Radio - Mystifyingly Glad

Our sister podcast Mystifyingly Glad is now a streaming radio station over at Live365. Enjoy nearly 12 hours of Sunshine, bubblegum, singer-songwriter, chamber, baroque, psyche, easy, moog, soft, power-pop. New tunes will be added every week.

The original Mystifyingly Glad podcast will still show up from time to time as well.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Why Fidelity Podcast #7

Why Fidelity 7 - The Spaced Show

download & archives page

A slightly shorter show than usual and a themed one as well....

  • Why Fidelity Theme 001
  • Space Patrol Theme
  • The Flying Saucers Have Landed ... Paul St. John
  • T.V. Monster Show ... The Munsters
  • She's Into Star Wars .. King
  • A Night at the Space Opera ... That Hideous Strength
  • Album of the Week: Jeff Wayne's The war of the Words
  • Walking on the Moon ... Asobi Seksu


* She's Into Star Wars has got to be the years catchiest novelty tune - though it easily trancends the "novelty" label. Here's some info on King from his PR guys...
"King, a former backing performer and collaborator, is embarking upon a solo
career with a mission to take hip-hop, rock and pop to the next level. King’s
music refuses to conform to standard categorization, and is a bold new breed of
artistic expression. His style is woven together with threads of spacey hip-hop,
straight pop, alternative rock, and spoken word, and it’s soon clear why he had
a big part in Outkast’s multi-platinum album “Speakerboxx/Love Below.” He can
be seen performing with the hip-hop duo live and was also featured in the video
for the song “Roses.” Fans of No Doubt would also recognize him as a guest
rapper on their hit, “Hey Baby.”
* Check out the video for Asobi Seksu's Walk on the Moon at IFilm

She's into Star Wars

See details at Amazon
by G-Tools

Check out the video for Walk on the Moon at IFilm
B0009MAPV8Jeff Wayne's Musical Version Of The War Of The Worlds
Various Artists

See details at Amazon
by G-Tools

B0009MAPUOJeff Wayne's Musical Version Of The War Of The Worlds
Jeff Wayne

See details at Amazon
by G-Tools

B000026G0PWar of the Worlds
Jeff Wayne

See details at Amazon
by G-Tools

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Why Fidelity Podcast #6

Why Fidelity Show 6

Download Page & Archives

  • Tandoori Chicken ... Ronnie Spector
  • I Get Around ... The Hollyridge Strings
  • Tequilla ... The Three Suns
  • Onna no Jyumon .. Meiko Kaji
  • Angel, Angel Down We Go ... OST
  • The Serpent and the Hawk ... Alan Lorber
  • The Ballad of Thunder Road ... Robert Mitchum
  • Wings of Thunder ... Spiro Gyra
  • Albums of the Week
    * Music for Drama ... Abel Korzeniowski
    * Breakfast at Tiffanys ... Barney Kessel
    * Just the Tracks Ma'am ... Jack webb
  • Loop di Love ... J Bastos

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Why Fidelity Podcast #5

Why Fidelity Podcast #5

Download Page and Archives

  • Dripsody ... Hugh Le Caine
  • The Addam's Family Theme ... Dick Dia
  • Tonko Bushi ... Aiko Bingo & Harold Sasahara
  • Franklin & Cherry ... Russ Meyer
  • I Believe ... The Foxymorons
  • Of Angels and Angles ... The Decemberists
  • Such A Sound ... Birdie
  • AM Slow Golden Hit ... Hotel Lights
  • Whipped Cream and Other Delights ... Album of the Week
  • Where's Me Shirt ... Ken Dodd

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Mid-week Bonus Track - Ramses Shaffy - Maya

Starting now I'll be posting a bonus tune in the middle of the week to tide things over until the weekend release of the next new podcast. The songs will be in some way related to previous podcasts - encores of popular selections, extra songs by artists featured on Why Fidelity, and so on... - Enjoy!

Here's a track from Ramses Shaffy, who we featured way back in Why Fidelity Show #1.

If you liked "Assemaleistos" I'm sure you'll love "Maya".

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Why Fidelity Show # 4

Why Fidelity Show # 4 | Download Page


Why Fidelity Theme 001
The Sound of Music - Speed Limit & The Rhythm Machines
Nobody Loves A Fat Man - Sid Laverents
Here She Comes Now - Ergo Phizmiz and His Orchestra
April & May - David Fridlund
Take Five - Martin Denny
Theme de Candice - Francis Lai
Man Alive - The Tony Hatch Sound
Monty Python's Spamalot - Album of the Week
Birthday - The Texas Chainsaw Orchestra

Show Notes:

The Why Fidelity Theme 001 was improvised live within Firefox using the Free Sound Project samples from Bacterio by Virotic & Tenor Sax by simondsouza.

Roctober has a nice article & film/disc-ography of cult filmaker Sid Laverents while EGG has a video profile.

Experimental sound artist Ergo Phizmiz's official site features nearly 20 hours of archived audio plus a full discography and all the rest.

Monty Python's Spamalot has amassed a fairly astounding 14 Tony nominations. You can preview the cast recording at the very amusing official Spamalot site or buy the wonderful CD.(actually you can, and should, do both!)

Monday, May 09, 2005

Support Why Fidelity

Does Why Fidelity float your boat?
Do you want to hear more, more, more?
I've got scads of great tunes lined up for future podcasts but I can't convince my better half to let me spend any more folding green stuff to upgrade my hosting account (or buy a mic and better mixing software). That's where you, gentle listener, come in...

If you enjoy Why Fidelity and would like to help me buy an honest to god Microphone, some upgraded podcasting software and at least double the storage capacity (more capacity means more shows) then please donate a few bucks to the cause. Every donation of $5 or more will get your favorite website (yours or anyone else's - so long as it's legal and not X-rated) or business mentioned in the next podcast and in that podcasts' blog entry. You'll also earn some good karma and know that you're helping Why Fidelity grow...

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Saturday, May 07, 2005

Why Fidelity Podcast #3

Why Fidelity Podcast #3 | Download

  • Franco Noodles while Women Die ... Jess Franco
  • The Giallos Flame Profondo Giallo Sampler
  • Ape's Shuffle ... The Jeff Wayne Space Shuttle
  • Namor The Sub-Mariner '66
  • Polynesian Hay Ride ... Alex Keack
  • Come Vere the Band ist Playing ... Guckenheimer Sour Kraut Band
  • Goodbye ... The Universe
  • Spirit of Dunkirk ... The Camberwell Now
  • Milkshake ... The Pictures
  • Talk All You Want To, Johnny ... Decastro & Badillo
Show Notes:
  • Franco Noodles while Women Die from El Secreto de Dr. Orloff and courtesy the fine blog M Valdemar
  • "The Giallos Flame was created to keep the sound of 70s giallo & Italian horror soundtracks alive!!" The track featured here is a sampler of thier "Profundo Giallo" EP.
  • Ape's Shuffle - Jeff Wayne is probably best known for his rock opera version of War of the Worlds. he was also a producer of some repute - Glitter Suits and Platform Boots has a nice Bio.
  • Alex Keak's Surfer's Paradise album is currently being shared at Goofspot.
  • The Guckenheimer Sour Kraut Band's album Music For Non-Thinkers is currently being shared by WeirdoMusic.
  • Spirit of Dunkirk comes from The Camberwell Now's album All's Well.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Why Fidelity Podcast - Show #2

Why Fidelity Podcast - Show #2

Download Page

  • The Conet Project
  • Range Rider | Keith Mansfield
  • Jeans Blues | Meiko Kaji
  • Hilo March | Martin Denny
  • Maria Minguem | Brigitte Bardot
  • Shoo Shoo Baby | Bobbysocks!
  • Yellow Submarine | The Jalopy Five
  • Public Melody #1 | Cardinal
  • Moonflight | Vic Venus
  • We're an Accordian Band | Those Darn Accordians

Show Notes

* Vinylvulture has a terrific article about production music legend Keith Mansfield: K is Keith
Think of a UK TV sports programme, any UK TV sports programme, and the chances are it'll be a British television institution such as Grandstand or the BBC's coverage of the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championships that will instantly spring to mind. Both programmes and others such as the BBC's Athletics coverage are united by the fact their exuberant, driving signature tunes come from the brilliantly musical mind of Keith Mansfield - one of Britain's premier arrangers and composers of the past forty years.
* Meiko Kaji: meiko-kaji.comis a wonderful unofficial website dedicated to this multi-faceted performer.There you can find a generous selection of MP3s including Jeans Blues.
LADY SNOWBLOOD, BLIZZARD FROM THE NETHERWORLD is a film that splits up in different chapters bearing highly poetical names (
"Crying Bamboo, Dolls of the Netherworld", "Umbrella of Blood, Heart of Strewn Flowers", etc.), based on the systematic elimination of the gang members. Ring a bell? In fact, Tarantino can't deny (and in fact proudly acqnowledges) the influence of LADY SNOWBLOOD on the development of the storyline in KILL BILL VOL. 1.

* Martin Denny : Two great sites for Denny info: Space Age Pop and The Temple of Martin Denny

* Brigitte Bardot : Swingin' Chicks and a gallery of pix.

* The Jalopy Five: Thanks to 45Blog for this track...
I find "Yellow Submarine" one of Hit Records' finest moments, not just because they couldn't afford real sound effects or a real brass band, but because they gamely imitated these elements using nothing but their mouths.
45Blog also provided a t'riffic link for The Hit Records Project.

* Vic Venus : This bubblegum sample novelty tune was put together by WMCA DJ Jack Spector. WMCA Good Guys is a site dedicated to this classic NYC station and it hosts a bunch of neat audio files (Real Audio sadly) including this ...
Jack Spector on the "Reunion of the Rock and Roll Radio Greats" held on New York City's WCBS-FM on June 10, 1989. Jack sounded terrific talking about those great days at WMCA with stories and memories. He also played his "Vic Venus Moonflight" record which was a hit for him in 1969! An actual "Jake" aircheck from 1968 is included and fellow Good Guy Dean Anthony drops in for a visit. Jack mentions as many names as he can over the air.... a trademark of the Good Guys! (courtesy Michael Ackerman) (26 mins.)
* Those Darn Accordians : The Official Website features audio sample including the MP3 of We're an Accordian Band.
San Francisco's accordion-fueled rock 'n' roll band pumps out quirky, catchy originals chronicling life in the weird lane. The six-piece group -- fronted by lead singer/squeezebox wizard Paul Rogers and bellows-pumping babes Carri Abrahms, Susie Davis and Suzanne Garramone -- promises to forever rearrange your understanding of the accordion. TDA's four extreme squeezeboxers mix solid keyboard chops with a groundbreaking use of guitar effects pedals and amps to produce a super-cool sound like nothing you've ever heard emanating from an accordion.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Why Fidelity Podcast #1

Music that you won't hear everywhere else, music that's fallen between the pop culture cracks, music from here/there/otherwhere...all in glorious Why Fidelity.

Show #1 - Debut | Download Page
  • Drums and Trumpets | The Conet Project
  • Chilli Peppers | The Jumping Jacques
  • Assemaleistos | Ramses Shaffy
  • Show Jumper | Clive Hicks
  • Bewilderbeeste | Viv Stanshall
  • Holiday Inn | New Vaudeville Band
  • Ray Charles for Coca Cola
  • Reasons to be Miserable | Marvin the Paranoid Android
  • Symphony for a Spider Plant | Mort Garson
  • Byakhee, Byakhee | A Shoggoth on the Roof

Show Notes:

"He's a Dutch-Franco-Polish-Russian-Egyptian mixture of Tom Waits and Frank Sinatra: Ramses Shaffy! With his spirited, lively and touching songs he seduced the Dutch, who - at least until the late 1960s - were renowned for their lack of flamboyance. It's said that during the 1960s everybody in Amsterdam was in love with him."
  • The Clive Hicks track comes from the KPM library collection "Flamboyant Themes".
  • Contrary to popular belief The New Vaudeville Band did record some decent songs aside from the ubiquitous Winchester Cathedral - Holiday Inn can be found on the album Winchester Cathedral

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