Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Why Fidelity - Show 28 - Why Fidelity Dance Party

Why Fidelity - Show 28 - Why Fidelity Dance Party

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  1. Sabre Dance - The Encores
  2. Riffa Cha Cha - Armando Trovaioli
  3. Doin' the Beatnik Twist - Huey 'Piano' Smith
  4. El Mambo Cha Cha - The El-Moroccos
  5. Twist And Shout - Jack Nitzsche and His Orchestra
  6. Dance The Kung Fu - Carl Douglas
  7. Congo Mambo - Mando and the Chili Peppers
  8. Mau Mau Limbo - Cy Wagner
  9. Gravy Waltz - Bill Justis
  10. Sunshine Twis - Jack Trombey
  11. Begin The Beguine - Enoch Light
  12. The Rivingtons-The Weejee Walk

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Why Fidelity - Show 27

Harlem to Hawaii, Tokyo to Rome, Paris to Washington DC. Why Fidelity really gets around in this week's show...

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Show 27 Playlist:
  • Harlem Hot-Shot in a Hurry - Enoch Light
  • Main Title - Ennio Morricone (Quattro Mosche Di Velluto Grigio)
  • Harenchi Kaguen No Téma - Kajiki Sô
  • Ching Ching, Hej Hej - Gimmicks
  • The Hukilau Song - Poncie Ponce
  • Lazy Busy - Montefiori Cocktail
  • Blarney's Stoned - Alan Hackshaw
  • We Got A Thing That's In The Groove - Charlotte Leslie
  • Harlem Globetrotters - Peter Reno
  • Sock It To Me, Baby - Senator Bobby [Bill Minkin]

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Why Fidelity 26 - The Inevitable Covers Show

Why Fidelity 26 - The Inevitable Covers Show

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Most Why Fidelity shows spin at least one or two covers but this week it's all about the re-imagining of classic pop tunes. A pretty mellow collection with only a couple of tunes worth more for their novelty value then listenabilty - Mr. French's Dylan cover springs immediatly to mind...

Show 26 Playlist:
  1. Light my Fire - Free Design
  2. Angel Eyes - The Czars
  3. The Look Of Love - Novi Singers
  4. A Whiter Shade Of Pale - Big Jim Sullivan
  5. Sunday Will Never Be the Same - Gary Mcfarland
  6. Buenos dias dulce Estrella - Los Sonidos De Hoy
  7. Seasons In The Sun (Le Moribond) - John and Anne Ryder
  8. They Long to Be Close to You - Richard Chamberlain
  9. All I Really Want To Do - Sebastian Cabot
  10. The Letter - Fear Itself
  11. Where Have All The Flowers Gone? (Dove sono finiti fiori?) - Nives
  12. Wild Thing - Goodies

As is the case with every installment of Why Fidelity, most of these tracks come from my own collection but a few have arrived via the amazing generosity of the small, but powerful, army of sharity bloggers who selflessly throw their hard earned collections of rare vinyl open to the rest of us. This week's show features tracks shared by the likes of hansZUNblog and mexicovers and possibly a third - I tend to lose track of what comes from where. Other astounding sharity sites include Planet Xtabay, Endless Mike, Chocoreve, Groovy Fab Workshop and, well instead of my listing them all just check out Planet Xtabay's Blogroll - every site you might possibly want to visit can be found there.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Why Fidelity 25

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Show 25 Playlist:
  1. Escape to Athena - Lalo Schifrin
  2. Mah Na' Mah Na' - Piero Umiliani ( Svezia, Inferno E Paradiso)
  3. Steam Heat - Barbara Moore
  4. Get Away From Me - Adam's Boys
  5. Nokori Bi - Meiko Kaji Zenkyoku Shu
  6. Semi-Private Eye - Boosey and Hawkes Library-
  7. La Mer est Grande (version 2) - Francois De Roubaix
  8. Adventures in Paradise - The Islanders
  9. Asia Minor - Kokomo
  10. Night Time Girl - Modern Folk Quintet
  11. I Feel Fine - Hollyridge Strings
  12. Green Grow My Nadgers Oh! - Kenneth Williams
  13. Warum - Giorgio Moroder