Saturday, May 07, 2005

Why Fidelity Podcast #3

Why Fidelity Podcast #3 | Download

  • Franco Noodles while Women Die ... Jess Franco
  • The Giallos Flame Profondo Giallo Sampler
  • Ape's Shuffle ... The Jeff Wayne Space Shuttle
  • Namor The Sub-Mariner '66
  • Polynesian Hay Ride ... Alex Keack
  • Come Vere the Band ist Playing ... Guckenheimer Sour Kraut Band
  • Goodbye ... The Universe
  • Spirit of Dunkirk ... The Camberwell Now
  • Milkshake ... The Pictures
  • Talk All You Want To, Johnny ... Decastro & Badillo
Show Notes:
  • Franco Noodles while Women Die from El Secreto de Dr. Orloff and courtesy the fine blog M Valdemar
  • "The Giallos Flame was created to keep the sound of 70s giallo & Italian horror soundtracks alive!!" The track featured here is a sampler of thier "Profundo Giallo" EP.
  • Ape's Shuffle - Jeff Wayne is probably best known for his rock opera version of War of the Worlds. he was also a producer of some repute - Glitter Suits and Platform Boots has a nice Bio.
  • Alex Keak's Surfer's Paradise album is currently being shared at Goofspot.
  • The Guckenheimer Sour Kraut Band's album Music For Non-Thinkers is currently being shared by WeirdoMusic.
  • Spirit of Dunkirk comes from The Camberwell Now's album All's Well.