Friday, March 17, 2006

Why Fidelity Extra #3 - Nwave

Why Fidelity Extra #3 - Nwave

Download (40mb)

Here's a great example of why I started up this "Extra" series - these tracks just sort of came together as a show but really don't fit the Why Fidelity format. With Why Fidelity Extra I can share diferrent genres of music without messing about with the classic Why Fidelity format.

Nwave is a little bit New Wave/80's/Indie in nature with one great booby prize tacked on at the very end. Enjoy!

  1. Amoureux solitaires - Lio
  2. Clowny Clown Clown - Crispin Hellion Glover
  3. Stranger Things Have Happened - Peter Tork
  4. The 80s - Denison Witmer
  5. Excuse Me - Wreckless Eric
  6. Fred Astaire - The Mo
  7. See You Back In 86 - Catapult
  8. Smokey Town - Home and Abroad
  9. Lockets & Stars - Margi Clarke
  10. I Won't Let You Down - Ph.D.
  11. Electric Dreams - Oakey/Moroder
  12. Marcia baila - Les Rita Mitsouko
  13. Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick - Davy Jones