Friday, March 10, 2006

Why Fidelity 31 : the Inevitable Beatles Covers show

Well, after 30 shows the creative well has run dry and here it is - a show full of Beatles covers. The podcast/sharity version of "twofer tuesday" or "Rocktober" this classic bit of programming may be familiar but it still yields literally tens of minutes of terrific listening...

But seriously folks, here are 8 fairly obscure but entirely worthwhile covers along with a pair of tunes about the oh so fab four. Enjoy!

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  1. I Wanna Be A Beatle - Saturn V
  2. Sgt.Pepper All You Need Is Love - Helmut Zacharias
  3. She Loves You - Berry Lipman and His Orchestra
  4. Lady Madonna - Jackie Cain and Roy Kral
  5. Michelle - Xaviera Hollander
  6. Eleanor Rigby - Wendy Carlos
  7. From Me To You - Jack Nitzsche and His Orchestra
  8. Here ,There And Everywhere - Hard Times
  9. Nowhere Man - Les and Larry Elgart
  10. The Ballad of Paul - The Mystery Tour