Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Why Fidelity Show 79

Here's the latest edition of Why Fidelity!

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  1. Cabaret dance - Kalyanji Anandji
  2. Roda - Gilberto Gil
  3. Decisione - Armando Trovajoli
  4. I Had The Craziest Dream - Dave Pell Octet
  5. I Pattinatori Di Bruegel - Alessandroni, Morricone and Dell'Orso
  6. Malambo No. 1 - Yma Sumac
  7. I Get a kick out of You - Gary Shearston
  8. Sie HieƟ - Jack Finey
  9. S.A. 4 (second spring) - stelvio cipriani
  10. Singin In The Rain - Gus Arnheim
  11. Up, Up & Away - Rajput & The Sepoy
  12. Le chat, la peur, la souris et l'amour - Francis Lai

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