Sunday, May 06, 2007

Why Fidelity 73 - Cars and Girls

Greetings WhyFi Fans!

Welcome to the 73rd edition of Why Fidelity. Over the last couple of years I've posted (way) more than a hundred podcasts between Why Fidelity and various seasonal specials (Prof Ravensdeath and so on - check out the SensesWorkingOvertime archives for more info on my Halloween and Christmas shows) and it's been a real labor of love. Unfortunately love alone isn't enough anymore and I can no longer afford to run Why Fidelity as a loss leader. From now on it's going to have to grow up, move out of the house and start paying it's own way. That's where you come in...

Please consider making a small donation to help cover Why Fidelity's podcast/blog hosting fees. So long as these very modest costs are covered by generous listener donation s Why Fidelity will be able to continue. Remember, the WhyFi podcast contains no advertising, it's pretty much pure music all the way through, so your support is critical to it's survival.

Thanks for taking the time read my plea and now it's on with the show...

Why Fidelity 73 - Cars and Girls

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  1. The Lively Ones - Mel Henke
  2. GoGoMobile - Carlo Montez
  3. Why Did God Make Girls? - J.D. Rogues
  4. Chevrolet, Building a Better Way - Richard Behrk
  5. Chevelle, El Camino -Richard Behrk
  6. Music to Watch Girls By - Benny Golsen
  7. Look at the Girls - The Giant Jellybean Copout
  8. Road Rattler - The Deuce Coupes
  9. Barefoot Girl - Ron Goodwin
  10. Black Cadillac - Joyce Green
  11. Road to Love - Chris Knight & Maureen McCormick
  12. Rocking on the Dragstrip - Johnny Lane
  13. I Lose More Girls That Way - Quantrell Radar
  14. Hot Rod Poppa - Marsha Hunt